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"High school student G20 Summit" was held at Shibuya High School.



The G20 Osaka Summit Youth Scramble was held at Tokyo University's May Festival.



Opening Public Event was held ahead of Y20 in order to compile the voice of youth other than delegation.

What is G20 Engagement Group?


The Y20 Summit is an international conference by youth leaders representing each country, which is held once a year, sponsored or sponsored by the host government, as an official adjunct to the G20 Summit. At the Y20 Summit, prior to the holding of the G20, a summary of the results discussed by professionals (30s and under) who are familiar with the agenda of the G20 from G20 countries will be put together as a joint declaration, and policy recommendations will be made in the form submitted to the G20. It is a forum where you can think together about the international issues facing the world and make a common opinion on those solutions to the G20 leaders. The proposal was cited in the joint statement of the G20 Summit, and the plenary session, which could have a major impact on global policy, was the first in the world to be held in Japan.

To know more about the Engagement Group, please check the G20 official website.

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What does Y20 do?


Y20 is recognized as a valuable opportunity to reflect young people's views on G20 and opportunities for Y20 cooperation statements directly cited by G20 and opportunities for consultation with major countries.

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The labor force is changing dramatically due to various macro-level shifts including the digital economy, aging society, gender reforms and emerging technologies. Y20 delegates will discuss how our labor force should function in the future and how to prepare for inevitable shifts in the world economy.


Further international collaboration is required to take transformative actions to combat environmental issues. Y20 delegates will discuss how governments and corporations are able to maintain their economic growth while moving towards sustainable environment.


International trade is evolving with increasing complexity and in part influenced by the current political climate. As young professionals, Y20 delegates will discuss the way international trade is changing and what shape it might take in the future.

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Do you want to participate?

On the first day of the Y20 Summit, we will hold a public event to invite young people from all over Japan.


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"A brief history of Y7/Y20"

"What is G20?"

"What is Y20?"

The information on G20 and Y20 is illustrated by infographic.

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